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Fix Corrupted PDF Documents

Have you ever come across errors while working with your PDF file? Certainly, you will. No application is completely free of bugs and PDF file is one of them, so there is no surprise if you find some of the problems like:

There may be various reasons for the corruption of PDF file, such as PDF file get damaged during downloading, PDF file damage due to virus attack, Power outage or sudden system shut down etc. Whatever be the causes, repair PDF file is an ultimate solution to all these troubles. Repair PDF file tool is a smart option if you are looking for result-driven software for PDF repair.

PDF repair software is outstanding, expedient, and easily affordable PDF recovery tool. The recover pdf file software has been developed for PDF recovery (Portable Document Format) files, which get damaged because of the above described logical and physical reasons. PDF File repair tool is embedded with advanced data recovery algorithms to fix the damaged PDF file(s). PDF recovery tool does not modify the original PDF file(s) properties and formatting. This highly programmed application only examines the damaged or corrupted PDF file(s), pulls out data from them, and reconstructs the PDF file that comprises of recovered data.

Freeware PDF Recovery tool comes with free trial version to evaluate the features of the software. The free evaluation version can be downloaded and installed to practically analyze its features and functionalities. This free demo version works same like the full version. The only difference between them is that the trial version shows original text on the alternate pages and leaves other pages empty of the rebuilt PDF file(s). To attain and view content on each page of the repaired PDF file(s), full version of PDF fix tool is necessary to purchase.

Supported Versions:

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Key features:
  • Quick and efficient solution to fix PDF errors.
  • Recovers the batch PDF files in a single repair cycle.
  • Gets back text, images, tables, graphs, etc. with complete accuracy.
  • Preserves PDF file(s) properties and structure.
  • Keeps hyper-links, comments and notes intact.
  • Do not change PDF file(s) formatting like header, footer, font size, and page layout.
  • Recovers page tree, cross-reference table, etc. Professionally repair PDF file stored on any storing devices, including floppy disk, CD, DVD, etc.
  • User-friendly GUI and Self-descriptive interface; hence, no technical skills are necessary to work with the software.
  • Re-establish s corrupt PDF's with the same file name and names are presented in Capital Letters.
  • Free Assessment Copy is available to test before buying the pdf recovery software.
  • Repair PDF files created with any version of Adobe Acrobat.
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